About me

About me

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Born and raised in Thrissur, Kerala, he has a unique talent for developing innovative ideas and bringing them to life, primarily focused on aerospace and STEM education worldwide. Over his years of time and dedication, he has proven to be a highly motivated, driven, passionate, and loyal space geek through his volunteer work for space education.

Sujay has been an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and has working experience at HAL, and Air India, and contributed to Technical Writing for Rolls Royce. He was the former co-founder and CTO of Owbro Solutions, a Delhi-based Real estate startup. Hence he brings his eight years of the Aerospace Industry and entrepreneurial knowledge and experiences to the desk.

His passion for Space has always kept him busy with space-related projects, making him start Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD), an NGO promoting Space Education and Outreach. Today SSERD stands as an International Organization recognized by UNOOSA, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, Paris Peace Forum, ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization and many more.

He is knowledgeable, collaborative in spirit, and practical, making him invaluable in engineering and brainstorming sessions and a natural leader during projects and events. He reached more than 65000+ students through various space Programs and travelled to the Philippines and Sri Lanka to establish a worldwide outreach initiative to engage students in Space, STEM, and dreaming big. For his passion and dedication, he received an award and appreciation from Shri Rosaiah, Former CM of Andhra Pradesh, and was one of Geospatial World Magazine’s 50 Rising Stars 2021.

Sujay Sreedhar is dedicating his time to Genex Space as Managing Director and CEO focusing on providing Space Education and Career Guidance for school and university-level students.