Hello World! It’s a warm summer evening.

Hello World! It’s a warm summer evening.

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It’s a warm summer evening, circa 600 BC. You’ve finished your shopping at the local market, or agora… and you look up at the night sky. There you notice some of the stars seem to move, so you name them planetes or wanderer.

For those of you know these lines from The Big Bang Theory ( Yes, I love that show), Welcome to my website! I was thinking today morning what would be the best quote to start the new blog and what will i post for the first time. After all the debates i thought let me post what i intent to do with this blog.

If you have read the post till here, Thank you. You seems really interested in what i want to write. Lets Get down to the business.

I’m not a professional writer nor have that much of skill in writing, whatever you see here is gibberish which comes into my mind at that time (which you probably understood by now). I intend to write reviews, my travel diaries( i used to travel a lot), a few things about space exploration and astronomy, and Some Geopolitics.

This will be all for today! See you in my next post!

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